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-positioned assets so that fema personnel are working closely with state and local governments. there has been extraordinarily close coordination between state, federal, and local governments. >> and everybody on the local level have backed that up. 1-800-steph-1-2 is the number to call that's 1-800-steph-1-2. let's talk to don in florida about privatizing fema. hey, don. >> caller: yeah, thanks for taking my call. i have a political strategy for ohio actually a democratic one. but romney is trying to do whatever he can to get any press coverage he can possibly get. these food thing, i heard he called these governors and all of this stuff. i know he has been running for president for the last 20 years it seems, he wouldn't even be in the picture but he is just trying to get his name out there, because obama and the storm will get all of the reaction. >> and it seems like him calling the governors would be just getting in the way. >> and what a coincidence he is doing this in all of the battleground states. >> he'll privatize anything for a buck. >> yeah. >> one way to get r
is very impressed with the local response and how local and federal government seems to have really come together. and fema really has improved in the last five years. >> yeah. >> i want to give credit to fox news, because they did the best coverage, and they had frank luntz and ann coulter on at the same time in hopes that the sheer evil would keep the storm away. >> i saw mayor bloomberg on the tv, and he is wall an imconspiring person. >> well, yeah. it is tragic for the loss of life although it is compared to haiti, america has nothing to complain about -- >> and you have been to haiti -- >> yeah, but they lost a folks in haiti on that storm, and it's tragic the 11 lives we have lost so far in the states. roland lost power. >> yeah. >> as well as frank coniff who is staying in my old place lost power. this is not be an katrina, it seems like people were really prepared. state and local government really worked together. over 50 homes have been destroyed, and i'm waiting to hear if my family's house is okay. but in general people stuck together and it has been a
and take some of the pressure off of the state, off of the local emergency officials. it also lets them mobilize equipment, resource as needed. obviously there is financial help there. if it were up to governor romney, we would not have fema at all. >> stephanie: bad. big government. >> during the g.o.p. primaries there is a clip of him talking to cnn's john king about what we should do about financial issues with fema. >> stephanie: yeah, we have that. >> every time you have an and an occasion to take something from the federal government and send it back to the states, that's the right direction. if you can go further and send it back to the private sector, that's even better. instead of thinking in the federal budget, what we should cut, we should ask ourselves the opposite question. what should we keep? >> yes because in an emergency the local officials would like to do everything themselves. >> stephanie: he'll find some awful way to politicize this. >> a lot more news coming up. the hurricane is the top story
susan rice that they no longer thought it was just a local protest. they thought it was an act of terror. so the wider allegation of a cover-up has been completely undercut by all of the news reports from the reports from the intelligence community. i'm not sure what romney is going to hang his attack on tonight. >> stephanie: they said it had nothing to do with the video. of course, now reports are coming up it did have something to do with the video. >> "los angeles times" reporting, i think it was the report that said witnesses on the ground talked about how that local protest was spurred by anger at the video. obviously what happened in libya was much different than what happened in cairo massive protests and obviously the one in benghazi turned violent. but -- the "wall street journal" today reporting that the early assessments were all stressed, this notion about protests and not a planned al-qaeda attack. in fact, to this date, there is virtually no intelligence reports i've seen that suggest it was the al-
out today of paul ryan getting very huffy of a local reporter in michigan -- >> stephanie: we happen to have that. here it is now. >> the best way to prevent violent crime in the inner cities is give opportunity to the inner cities that is civil society, that's what charities, and civic groups and churches do to help each other. >> and you can do that by having a big tax cut? >> those are your words not mine. >> thank you very much sir. >> that was kind of strange putting words in people's mouths. >> you can't spell prickely without pr -- [ laughter ] >> i think paul ryan has believed all of the garbage that has been heaped on his reputation of being a brilliant thinking, and he has taken it all to heart. and i think he can be mocked. and one thing joe biden is very good at is mocking people. and if you can make him show that -- >> oh, god if he walks off of the stage in the middle of the debate -- >> the guys is not tremendously likable. okay. >> stephanie: yeah. >> it is entirely possible that biden will advocate handing sweden over to the hozbowla --
is not related to the debates. marcus bachmann filled in on our local crazy christian radio station. >> fabulous. >> next door to you on the dial. >> stephanie: i bet it was super. >> caller: i wasn't able to hear all of it but i sent you guys e-mails because i thought you would want to know about this because there's going to be -- you know, i'm sure somewhere if you make chris listen to it, there's gotta be a lot of closeted comedy gold in it. >> stephanie: i'm sure there is. he's still doing that repairtive therapy. thanks for asking. ♪ i'm super thanks for asking ♪ ♪ all things considered, i couldn't be better i must say ♪ ♪ i'm feeling super nothing bugs me ♪ ♪ everything is super don't you think i look cute in this hat ♪ >> stephanie: we have figured out he's the singer on this -- on the promo forever sexy lady. >> fresh from their star-studded performance in hollywood -- >> they run you right out of hollywood. >> the year's hottest political show. the stephanie miller sexy liberal comedy show
morning. our local newspaper ran a letter from somebody who works at hobby lobby, and they are talking about a mandate in obamacare that would force the christian business to provide the morning-after pill and work-after pill in their health insurance, and they the penalty for not complying would be up to a staggering $1.3 billion per day. that didn't sound right to me so i was hoping you could answer that. >> it's so wrong on so many levels. [ laughter ] >> i don't even know where that number comes from, but also when the obama administration talked about requiring employers so provide access for women to contraception, that they excepted anyone who had any sort of religious exemption. so there's no organization or business required by law to offer contraception to itself employees free of charge if it has a moral or religious objection to it. >> the morning-after or week-after pill i don't know what that is? >> the morning after pill -- i don't know what the week after pill is. but from what i understand -- i don't know i would have to take a look and see if
, the terrorists out of their camps in and around benghazi, the local police department to show their support and when governor romney hopped on that so quickly before -- never mind all of the information was out before very much information was out arrive the tragic death of the ambassador and three other brave americans, one of whom was from massachusetts. and for him to politicize that, it is horrendous. for anybody who's ever worn a uniform, for him to do that, it's -- it makes you cringe. i don't get it. bite your tongue. wait until the experts come out with their opinions and we'll get it resolved. we stick together on this side of the atlantic. we don't show -- that's showing weakness. we can't back each other up at times of crisis like that. it was not appreciated by millions of service members and veterans. >> stephanie: yep, absolutely. massachusetts representative hank naughton, i made a major -- just made a major in the united states reserve. [ applause ] thanks so much for taking time for us. we appreciate it.
, house republicans proposed localities to respond to disasters like hurricanes. republicans last year held disaster relief funding hostage several times. remember that? demanding offsetting budget cuts. remember eric cantor in the middle of a disaster. oh, no i'm sorry. we're going to need to find some cuts. these people needed help then. like now! >> right. >> stephanie: disaster relief is not something you can get to. they attempted to slash disaster funding in 2011 continuing resolution. meanwhile, the budget control act itself cuts $900 million from fema. they don't believe in government. >> with global warming you know. heating up more storms, more disasters. it is a good time to cut fema, don't you? >> speaking of heck of a job browny. student from brown who remains unconvinced there was a hurricane. it is a government conspiracy. >> is he the same one that doesn't think auschwitz happened? >> stephanie: let's dive into the right-wing world. [ ♪ circus ♪ ] we already played the -- we're n
messina talking about the work the president's doing to coordinate with local and state officials in the aftermath of sandy and also the importance of donation to the red cross. he then is going to shift back into campaign mode in this video and here he talks about an emphasis on early voting. >> don't believe the polls. you don't need to. early voting has started across the country. we have actual results to report and those results show clearly the president will win re-election if we do what we need to do. >> yea! 4.4 million people have already voted. he goes on to encourage volunteers to dig deep. mitt romney spending the day in florida with senator marco rubio and jeb bush. paul ryan will be in wisconsin. romney allegedly took the day off yesterday from campaigning and engaged in what was branded as a storm relief benin stead of a rally but voters show that donors were asked to wait until the candidate turned up to give their donated goods. goods which the red cross neither needed nor wanted. >> photo op.
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10